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Mar 05 2011


Why do Street Protests Signal the End?

I always wondered why street protests always resulted in political institution changes? Why can’t these governments crush them and move on? Even once?

And then I stumbled on this blog post. Which made a ton of sense.

Check it out. It explains why human history changes.

Mar 03 2011


Yuri's Proposal

Yuri Milner, a huge-name VC, offered a proposal to Y Combinator start-ups they couldn’t refuse.

Mar 02 2011
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BlueTunes.net Saved

BlueTunes.net, a service started by Dukies in my class that lets you upload and access your music from anywhere, recently got second life from MiMedia.

Congrats, keep up the solid work.

Mar 01 2011


Breast Milk Ice Cream - Confiscated

And just like that, the hottest selling ice cream in England was permanently out of stock.

Feb 28 2011



Chirply wants to be the Threadless of greeting cards. Which is pretty awesome as they’re usually bland or just plain terrible.

Stay posted, as designs are being voted on now, as it just launched. Actual cards and stationary for purchase are available in March.

Feb 27 2011


The Most Interesting Man in the World

An fascinating read about the actor that plays the most interesting man in the world in those hilarious Dos Equis ads.

Feb 22 2011


Your Move.

The New York Times provides a short read about the recent deals by the US and China. Of course, they then analyze the future of their relationship.

Most articles about this situation are garbage, but this one is more specific and less speculative.

Feb 22 2011
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One of the most frustrating feelings is the realization that tickets for a local concert by a favorite artist are sold out. The alternatives are paying brutally high prices by scalpers or not attenting.

Songkick wants to help you avoid these problems with notifications. Not only that, but Songkick has aspirations of being the “IMDB” of artists, tracking setlists at concerts, media, etc.

It’s not big now, but it’s worth…um…tracking this tracker.

Feb 21 2011
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Quick Learners

Glad to see Redbox learning from now-defunct Blockbuster’s mistakes.

Feb 21 2011


Blew Up in Her Face

All bad jokes aside, a horrific story about a Moscow suicide bomber that was detonated when she received a New Year’s text on her cell phone that activates the explosives.

A fortunate fail.

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